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Chimney Sweeping Services

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When a customer emails or calls us, we'll take all of their details and come over as soon as possible. If we don’t pick up the phone, please email us at jack.chimney@yahoo.com with your full details.

Chimney Sweeping

We provide a quality service: Sweeping or inspecting all types of chimneys, and servicing all types of wood burner stoves. We keep you safe from chimney fires by thoroughly sweeping your chimney with our wide range of equipment. Without regular cleaning your chimney will become thick with soot. Having your chimney cleaned before winter is advised, as there's less chance of the chimney catching fire. From November to march there are on average 32 chimney fires a day in the UK, sweeping your chimney regularly is the first step to preventing this. A clean chimney makes your appliance work much more efficiently and helps to prevent downdrafts pushing smoke into your room.

For a standard house we charge £60 +VAT per chimney.


Cap and seal chimneys:

We use clay caps that vent the chimney to stop it getting damp and we seal the cap to stop water coming in.


We have a wide range of cowls we supply and fit. Our most common Cowl is a downdraft cowl (which stops the smoke blowing into the house) made from German stainless steel which lasts 10 or more years compared to most other cowls which only last a couple of years

Chimney pots:

We mostly supply three basic colours of chimney pot: terracotta, buff & black. They come in the standard circle style, but if you would like a different style we can special order it for you.

Pointing chimney stacks:

It is important that your chimney stack has good pointing to prevent water getting into the liner and bringing tar into the fireplace. Water is one of the main causes for the liner getting rotten and rust on your appliance.

Lining and relining chimneys:

Flex liners for existing chimneys improve the performance of wood burning stoves by providing better draw and helps to stop large amounts of tar building in the chimney.

Servicing of wood burner stove:

Regularly servicing your wood burner stove makes sure your stove is working properly and efficiently. When people ignore services they end up with a problem with the body of the stove instead of just a small part, which means they have to replace the whole stove. We service the stove for up to £300 without quoting. If the price is more than £300 we will discuss with you whether you would like to carry on and advise you on the best course of action.

Chimney Sweeper

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