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Aduro are a Danish stove manufacturer concentrated on style and usablility at an affordable price.

Below are seven of our recommended Aduro Stoves. You can see the full range available from us at Adurofire.com.

Aduro 1.1

Aduro 1 Range

Range: Aduro 1.1, Aduro 1.1SK, Aduro 1.1SK Limestone

Aduro 1.1 is the embodiment of cosy, crackling warmth, and its clean lines will fit into any home. The round shape makes for a serene, harmonious stove as a natural extension of the shape of the chimney. To underline this, the front is completely smooth, with the door handle and the air-regulating handles fully integrated into the stove.

The curved glass utilises the view of the flames to the full. The door is reinforced with curves and corner welding, and the bottom grate is made of cast iron. 

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Aduro 5.1 image

Aduro 5.1

Minimalist built-in stove with a straight front and large glass door to give an impressive view of the fire. The handles are cleverly integrated to allow the stove to appear as a single flat surface. The insulation of the combustion chamber is made of cast vermiculite to augment the stove’s minimalist design. The built-in stove is both a prominent feature of the room and superbly integrated. Suitable for building into both existing and new fireplaces. Be spellbound by the flames with this impressive built-in stove.
The fireplace insert was designed by the Danish architect Casper Storm, who has created a piece of elegant furniture for the modern home. 

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Aduro 7.2 Image

Aduro 7.2

Aduro 7.2 is a stylish, elegant and harmonic stove with a scandinavian look. The fine details includes integrated handles and a slightly curved front. The stove has got a storage room with door.

Stove designed by Casper Storm.

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Aduro 9.3 Image

Aduro 9 Range

Range: Aduro 9, Aduro 9 brown metallic, Aduro 9 air, Aduro 9 Lux Beton, Aduro 9.1, Aduro 9.3, Aduro 9.3 Lux, Aduro 9.4, Aduro 9.5, Aduro 9.5 Lux, Aduro 9.7

An impressively large glass area is achieved by adding side panes and minimising the bars between the glass in the door and the glass at the sides. Visual access to the living fire has been a crucial parameter all the way – so an efficient air-wash system ensures that soot doesn’t collect on the glass at the front or sides. This is a
timeless and elegant fixture for modern homes.
Aduro 9 is also available in a version with an external air supply. This version is particularly suitable for houses that are very well-insulated.

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Aduro 14 Image

Aduro 14

Aduro 14 combines sheet iron and cast iron in a simple and clear-cut cubist design. Sheet iron is ideal for the smooth surfaces and sharp corners, forming a striking contrast to the sturdy, rustic cast iron of the door. The stern but harmonious expression is completed by the integrated, roomy storage space, which is the perfect place to keep fire irons. Further features of this stove are its spacious combustion chamber, simple operation and super combustion.

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Aduro 15 Image

Aduro 15 Range

Range:  Aduro 15, Aduro 15 Lux, Aduro 15.1, Aduro 15.3, Aduro 15SK, Aduro 15SK Limestone

The elegant elliptical shape and extra-wide combustion chamber – able to take logs up to 50 cm long – make the Aduro 15 unique. The wide shape combined with minimum depth gives this stove a truly elegant look. The wide flame span makes the fire a natural, decorative element. The Aduro 15 features excellent combustion and low heat option.

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Aduro 16 Image

Aduro 16

This wood burning stove is designed for the UK market. With Aduro 16 it is possible to transform an old fireplace into an environmentally friendly and efficient heat source.

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