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Arada pride themselves on their great range, from 'Timeless Classics' to 'Contemporary Living' stoves as well as a great range of boiler stoves to complement your central heating and help you get greener.

Below are seven of our recommended Arada products. You can see the full range available from us at aradastoves.com

Timeless classics

Timeless Classic

ecoburn plus EcoBurn Pluss Range: Ecoburn Plus 4, Ecoburn Plus 5, Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen, Ecoburn Plus 7, Ecoburn Plus 9, Ecoburn Plus 11
ecoburn plus EcoBurn Pluss Inset Range: Ecoburn Plus 5 Inset, Ecoburn Plus 7 Inset
puffin and heron range Puffin and Heron Range: Puffin 4, Heron 5
holborn Holborn Range: Holborn 5, Holborn 5 Widescreen, Holborn 7

Epitomising traditional design, these stoves are equally at home inside a red-bricked chimney breast of a cosy cottage or glowing within the grand fireplace of a country home. Either way, they have an abundance of charm and character.

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Contemporary Living

Farringdon Frarringdon Range: Farringdon Small Eco, Farringdon Medium Eco, Farringdon Large Eco, Farringdon Catalyst Eco
I Series I Series Range: i400, i500, i600, i750
I600 Slimline Freestanding I600 Slimline Freestanding Range: i600 Slimline Freestanding Mid, i600 Slimline Freestanding Low

An elegant feature slotted neatly into a bright, spacious room or a dramatic centrepiece that provides wow factor, their contemporary stoves let you create the look you want.
Clean-cut lines and big viewing windows emphasise the beauty of the fire whilst offering top efficiency ratings.

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Boiler stoves

Hardworking Heating

Ecoboiler Cassette Ecoboiler Cassette Range: Ecoboiler 12 Cassette
Ecoboiler HE Ecoboiler HE Range: Ecoboiler 9 HE, Ecoboiler 12 HE, Ecoboiler 16 HE, Ecoboiler 20 HE, Ecoboiler 25 HE
Ecoboiler HE Inset Ecoboiler HE Inset Range: Ecoboiler 12 HE Inset, Ecoboiler 16 HE Inset
Ecoboiler Wood Ecoboiler Wood Range: Ecoboiler Wood 12

With designs to suit any setting, their boiler stoves offer the perfect fusion of style and practicality. Their compact multi fuel and wood boiler models are economical, reliable and sustainable, providing an alternative to traditional central heating systems or work in combination with them.

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