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Hi-Flame claim superior build quality, outstanding performance, and exceptional value for money.

Below are our two recommended Hi-Flame ranges. You can see their full list of ranges available from us at Hi-Flame.com

Alpha Range

Alpha Range

Range: Alpha I 4.9kW Smoke Control Stove, Alpha II 8kW Smoke Control Stove, Alpha III 10kW Multi Fuel Stove, Alpha III Boiler 15kW Multi-Fuel Stove, Alpha Inset 4.9kW Multi Fuel Stove, Alpha Inset Boiler Multi Fuel Stove

Each traditionally styled Hi-Flame Alpha wood burner and multi fuel stove has been built with an old-fashioned attention to quality and detail that belies their outstanding value-for-money price.

All three free-standing stoves in the Alpha Collection feature state-of-the-art clean burn pre-heated tertiary air which wrings out every last bit of heat from your fuel to maximise efficiency and create a greener, better burning stove. The 5kW Alpha I and the 8kW Alpha II are both Defra Smoke Exempt Appliances which are approved for burning wood in a UK Smoke Control Area. Our 18.0kW Alpha III Boiler and our Alpha Inset Boiler stoves are both built by the same people who produce Ireland’s biggest selling boiler stove and therefore come with ‘tried and trusted’ already built-in for your complete peace-of-mind.

So whatever type of stove you're looking for, take a serious look at the Alpha range, we think you'll be seriously impressed.

Price:  Call to get a free quote.

Graphite Range

Range: Graphite Boiler 14.5kW Multi-Fuel Stove, Graphite Eight 8kW Defra Approved Stove, Graphite Five 5kW Defra Approved Stove, Graphite Inset 5kW Multi-fuel Stove, Graphite Inset Boiler Multi-Fuel Stove, Graphite Inset Convector Multi-Fuel Stove, Graphite Ten 10kW Multi-fuel Stove

The Graphite's unique Heat Conveyor warm air convection system will quickly distribute heat around your living space so that you get the benefit of both radiated heat and convected heat without burning any extra fuel, and the Graphite's excellent controllability, means overall, you'll be using less of it too. Pre-heated tertiary air ensures the Graphite is extremely clean burning and better for the environment.

Price:  Call to get a free quote.