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We are thrilled to now stock Woodwarm Stoves. This well-established British manufacture sell high quality stoves in a verity of models.

The stoves come in a large range of sizes, models, and colours; meaning no matter your room size or style the stove will stand out as a feature.

The stoves are all hand made in Devon with over 30 years of Woodwarm's experience, and excellent after sales care.

This means we feel confident highly recommending them.

Fireview Range

Fireview Range

Range: Fireview Slender 5kW, Fireview 6kW, Fireview Slender 7kW, Fireview 9kW, Fireview PLUS Slender 10kW, Fireview 12kW, Fireview PLUS 12kW, Fireview Slender 14kW, Fireview 16kW, Fireview 20kW

The Fireview multifuel range is designed to meet all your heating needs, with outputs ranging from 5kW up to 20kW to heat any size of room. Fireview stoves epitomise the design details of an efficient air washed clean burning stove. Incorporating overnight burning, they are easy to light and use.

Price:  £1,234.80 to £2,120.40 (inc. VAT)

Fireview Doublesided

Fireview Double Range

Range: Fireview Double Single 6kW, Fireview Double Depth 12kW

A Fireview stove with a door on both sides for a fantastic view of the fire from either side, still incorporating all the features of the single sided Fireview including the Woodwarm air wash system and full riddling grate.

Price: £1,684.80; £2,203.20 (inc. VAT)

Foxfire Range

Fireview Double Range

Range: Foxfire 4kW, Foxfire Tall 4kW

This little stove has a stunning 82% efficiency! The Foxfire not only benefits from the unique Woodwarm cleanburn air wash system, but also features new design details such as the stainless steel handle.

Price: £1,170.00; £1,234.80 (inc. VAT)

Kalido Gas Range

Kalido Gas Range

Range:  Kalido 73 Cassette Gas Fire 5kW, Kalido 77 Casette Gas Fire 7kW

The Kalido range of gas fires are manufactured to the highest standards and have been designed for style and maximum efficiency. Each fire has a remote control for ease and comfort. They have a unique fan assist convection system which blows hot air into the heart of the room. The fires are also thermostatically controlled for extra efficiency.

Price: £2,280.00; £2,400.00 (inc. VAT)

Phoenix Range

Phoenix Range

Range:  Phoenix Firewren 4kW, Phoenix Firewren Tall 4kW, Phoenix Firebright Inset 5kW, Phoenix Firegem 5kW, Phoenix Firegem Tall 5kW, Phoenix Fireblaze 6kW, Phoenix Fireblaze Tall 6kW, Phoenix Firebug 10kW, Phoenix Firebug Tall 10kW, Phoenix Firewren Convector 4kW, Phoenix Firewren Convector Tall 4kW, Phoenix Firegem Convector 5kW, Phoenix Firegem Convector Tall 5kW, Phoenix Fireblaze Convector 6kW, Phoenix Fireblaze Convector Tall 6kW

These modern, stylish, highly efficient stoves are the latest addition to the woodwarm range. The Phoenix range of multifuel stoves all feature the unique clean burn air wash system that keeps your glass clean at all times. All available with log store style base. They are all suitable for a 12mm super imposed hearth.

Price: £1,560.00 to £1,826.40 (inc. VAT)

Phoenix Gas Range

Phoenix Gas Range

Range: Phoenix Gas Balanced Flue 5kW, Phoenix Gas Conventional Flue 5kW, Phoenix Gas Balanced Flue 7kW, Phoenix Gas Conventional Flue 3.5kW, Phoenix Gas Balanced Flue 3kW

The Phoenix Gas Stoves are handcrafted in Devon to the highest possible standards and are modelled on the popular Phoenix Multifuel Range, with its large feature door. It is fully remote controlled, with the option of a unique fan assist convection system that blows hot air into the room rather than relying on natural air flow for convection.

Price: £1,560.00 to £2,280.00 (inc. VAT)

Wildwood Range

Wildwood Range

Range: Wildwood Slender 5kW, Wildwood 6kW, Wildwood Slender 7kW, Wildwood 9kW, Wildwood PLUS Slender 10kW, Wildwood 12kW, Wildwood PLUS 12kW, Wildwood Slender 14kW, Wildwood 16kW, Wildwood 20kW

The Woodwarm Wildwood range of stoves have been developed to be environmentally friendly, burning only wood as a totally sustainable fuel. This range is developed from the same body size as their Fireview compatriots.

Price: £1,119.60 to £1,928.40 (inc. VAT)